© People to People International Greater Phoenix, Arizona Chapter 2010 Let's join together to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our Arizona communities and in the world! Ever feel like you want to help, but you don't know what to do?  Well, together we can help A LOT!  We can volunteer and do community service.  We can learn about other cultures, travel and host visitors from other nations! And Arizona's People to People International Youth Group offers many leadership opportunities, activities and many ways to help others and promote PEACE! COME ON AND BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIG!! PTPI-AZ is making available Grants/Scholarships to all chapter members. Grants range from $100 - $500 and under special circumstances more. I find great joy in learning about different cultures and hosting travelers with PTPI and Open World. Educating our youth to celebrate our differences and to recognize the beauty of our similarities is my goal. Interested?  Contact Susan Duffield